Looking for some inspiration?  Some new ways of thinking?   The courage to breakdown internal silos and get sustainability infused into your branding?

I speak on the topics of socially responsible and sustainable branding.  The latest trends.  Best practices.  Who’s setting the standards.  And what pitfalls are critical to avoid.

Be it a presentation or a workshop, we can customize the subject matter to your audience to help you reach your objectives.  Companies, non-government organizations, non-profits, community groups, industry associations can all benefit from an update on the latest trends what it means to be a responsible  brand.

Past speaking engagements have included presentations to the AIGA (New York and Minneapolis chapters), American Marketing Association, Minnesota Advertising Federation and at the University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Firehouse Agency Dallas and to the IPREX leadership council in the USA as well as to several companies.

email:  ericblock3@gmail.com


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