If You’ve Got It = Spend It!

6 09 2010

In an edited excerpt of his new book Aftershock: Reshaping the World Economy After The Crises, Phillpee Legrain writes about the need to embrace new approaches capitalism and consumerism.  His point is that without consumption, there is no production, no income and no jobs.  And in plenty of markets around the world, there are millions and millions of people with unmet needs.  Responsible brands understand that they need to be serving those markets not only with sustainable products but with efforts that aid the public good.  The balance is essential for the retention and recruitment of new audiences of prosperous consumers.

“The aftermath of the crisis opens up huge opportunities to reshape the world economy for the better.  A fairer, richer, greener and more stable global economy is possible.  But to achieve it, we need to rediscover the virtues of open markets, open societies and open minds that go hand in hand with progress:  great opportunities for everyone to chase their dreams and fulfill their potentials.”

Read the article in Ode Magazine.




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