Coming soon – Ana’s Playground

22 06 2009

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Coming soon to a big screen film festival near you soon is a new short film labor of love entitled Ana’s Playground.  You can learn about this moving live action motion picture and the story behind the production at

Watch the Ana’s Playground Trailer.

Having been fortunate to have the good fortune of seeing a preview screening, I promise the film will change the way you look at things and in particular, at how you look at children as the victims of armed conflict and war.  The mission of the film is to use the proceeds and the public interest it generates to donate funds and assistance to non-profit organizations committed to assist kids struggling with armed conflict.

Conceived by Minneapolis based Writer/Director Eric Howell, Ana’s Playground has already won the 2006 best film screenplay at the L.A. Short Film Festival.  Eric was joined on the production team by producers Marsha Trainer and Jillian Nodland and a host of talented Twin Cities film makers.  Their passion for this production is evident in a nail biting, edge of your chair cinematic experience with a performance by gifted young actors who will take your breath away.

I’m happy to be able to provide some help to have Ana’s Playground achieve the critical acclaim and broad based audience this amazing film—and the children it is created to serve—richly deserve.  We will soon be seeking enlightened companies and media outlets to be sponsors of Ana’s Playground to join the movement to help children in armed conflict.  Contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Listen to a great interview about Ana’s Playground with its creator and supporters.