The Conference Board: New Report on Citizenship and Sustainability

6 07 2009

“The drivers behind sustainable activities — enhanced productivity, morale and reputation — are even more imperative in troubled times. Furthermore, products and services that improve efficiency and reduce carbon footprints should enjoy increasing demand, lending a new twist to the maxim that companies can do well by doing good.”  – The Conference Board

The data continues to pour in.  18+ months into the Great Recession and organization after organization is monitoring the public sentiment toward business, brands, and the economy at large.  Today, the highly respected Conference Board issued its latest report on Citizenship and Sustainability.  Like so many other recent data points, their report demonstrates again that people are ‘done’ with the past and fully intend to hold companies to higher standards of moral and ethical responsibility moving forward.

Of course, we call this Sustainable Branding.

Learn more from The Conference Board




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