What Would You Add or Delete? The social forum for the future of marketing, advertising and global good.

20 01 2011

Kudos to ADDorDELETE, the brainchild of the tribe at Haberman.  It’s a fresh yet startling conversation centered around the power of marketing and advertising to ADD to society and address social problems and challenges.

By challenging the global marketing industry to re-direct 5% of the $500 billion global ad spend to causes, social problems and people that need help, we can unleash $25 billion for global good.

Learn more at the Add or Delete website

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Let’s call out all those ads that we’d prefer to delete.  Those messages that attempt to entertain at the expense of others.  The ads that just create noise and empty moments.  ADDorDELETE challenges everyone to take stock – what legacy do you want to leave?  Are you ADDING?  Here’s to less self-promotion and more social improvement.




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