More Mo for Ana’s Playground

1 10 2009

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After last week’s premiere at the Calgary International Film Festival, the momentum and excitement over the debut of the short film Ana’s Playground continues.

The film making team attended the premiere and are pictured here in front of the Ana’s Playground poster at the CIFF.


One member of the Calgary audience wrote:

“The film which had the audience on the edge of their seat with looks of fear frozen between each gunshot was Ana’s Playground.  There was no dialogue, but there didn’t need to be. Ana’s Playground told the story of children caught in the middle of war with brilliant shots, a terrifying soundtrack and a mysterious, unidentified gunman.”

You can watch an on-line interview with Ana’s Playground writer/director Eric Howell here.

Ana’s Playground was the darling of the inaugural Norwich Film Festival in the United Kingdom winning both Best Short Film and Best of the Fest honors late last month.

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Ana’s Playground a winner at Norwich Film Festival

24 09 2009


Ana’s Playground received awards for The Best Short Film and Best of The Fest this week at the Norwich Film Festival in the United Kingdom.

In its advance pre-screening at the debut Norwich Film Festival, Ana’s Playground not only won Best Short Film, but Best of The Fest – beating out all the feature films that were screened as well as more than 90 films entered in the competition.

Learn more about the Norwich Film Festival

The world premiere of Ana’s Playground is Friday, September 25 at the Calgary Film Festival.  Information on the Calgary Film Festival is available at their website.

Calgary International Film Festival

Written and directed by Minneapolis film maker Eric Howell, Ana’s Playground is a Oscar worthy story of children subjected to armed conflict.  The mission of the film is to raise awareness of children in conflict and raise funds for Right to Play, an international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play programs to improve health, develop life skills, and foster peace for children and communities in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world.