Visit Fearless Cottage: Our friend Alex’s journey to enlightenment.

29 08 2010

Congrats to Creative Insurgent Alex Bogusky who has walked away from a 20 year career in advertising where he accomplished just about everything. Countless awards, new business wins, huge company growth, industry recognition.  But now he has chucked it all to pursue a new mission of using the creativity that made him famous to promote all aspects of social responsibility.

In his profile of Alex in Fast Company, Robert Safian captures the vision;  “Bogusky has made the FearLess Cottage something of a hub for people he deems, as he has inscribed on the cottage’s keys, “capable of pushing aside fear in pursuit of doing the right thing,” which is to “help define a new era of social responsibility.”

Read the profile of Alex in Fast Company

Visit Alex’s Fearless Cottage Here.

Kudo’s to Alex for the courage to do the right thing.  Recognizing the art of fearless thinking and creativity can make a difference.  He makes us proud and sets the new standard for 21st century challenges:  for successful businesspeople to turn their energies to things that really matter.




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