Brands: Lost Meaning.

28 10 2010

Disturbing new research shows that the vast majority of consumers WOULD NOT CARE  if two thirds of brands disappeared in the future.

Congratulations to Havas Media for their new Brand Sustainable Futures global research report on consumers’ rising expectations of business and brands.  The report issued this week shows that:

  • Only 33% of brands are considered to be meaningful to consumers worldwide.
  • Only 29% of brands are perceived to be working hard to resolve sustainability issues.
  • 80% of consumers expect businesses to act responsibly.

The data is continued support to the need for businesses to accept the criteria and realities of how they are perceived and their expected role in society.

Havas Director of Global Business Innovation Sara de Dios Lopez commented on the research by saying:

“There’s a real opportunity for companies who shift from relying only on ‘what they do’, through their corporate facts and transparency initiatives, and start building relevant brand roles and engaging initiatives that capture ‘collective will’ and spur people into action.”

Read a summary of the Havas Media Report.




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